Our Team


Office Team

Administration work on the farm is done by a motivated and devoted team. Christiane Gagné is in charge of operational and administrative activities since 2006. She is also the one in charge of the multiple tasks that are required for the hiring of temporary agricultural workers. She gives the formations that are required by CNESST, for the new workers, but also for the ones who are with us for more than ten years. Mme. Gagné is responsible, since 2007 of the sanitary requirements of CanadaGAP program.

A delivery team is working in cooperation with Mme Gagné to ensure that every client is provided with fresh product each morning.

Research Team

Our research team is composed of Valérie Bernier, head of research and development at the farm, Catherine Emond and Marine Marel, project manager. All of them are graduated from University Laval with masters in plants biology.

Their principal objective is to deepen the scientific knowledge by putting in place various projects of applied research and to stay informed of both technological and cultural updates around the world. Each year they are present to some international conference on scientific advancement in plants biology.

The research team works in collaboration with multiple organism such as Laval University, McGill University, MAPAQ and IRDA. In addition, with programs such as “Agri-innovation” et CRSNG, we are now one of the business that invest the most in research for the strawberry and raspberry production in Quebec.

Agricultural workers

In order to fill our need of Quebec agricultural workforce, we are employing 184 Mexican seasonal worker. We travel to Mexico in order to recruit some motivated, dynamic and alert people. Some of our workers are helping us for 10 years now, they arrive in Quebec between April and July and go back to Mexico from October to December. They are a big part of the company and they are the reason why we can keep a good productivity of our culture.

While working on the farm, our workers are lodged in houses on the property. Those houses are inspected and are required to meet certain types of criteria established by Service Canada. They have access to more than 20 vehicles (car, buses) that they can use when they want outside work hours.