The farm

The farm is established on the familial land in Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans since seven generations. Our products are recognized for their quality and their freshness. We hire near 180 people. Our production fields cover over 150 hectares, which represents 250 football fields, irrigated by 16 artificial lakes.

Between the months of June and October, we produce close to 1 million kilograms of strawberries. Also, in the province of Quebec, we are among the most important producers of day-neutral strawberries, also knowned as everbearers. Furthermore, nearly 20 000 kg of raspberries are cultivated at the Farm, all picked by hand. Each fruit is carefully selected  to offer the best to our consumers.

In addition to our berries production, we are the only sweet potatoes producers in Quebec on a commercial scale.

Onésime Pouliot Farm is among the private companies who invest the most in strawberry and raspberry research and development in Canada. The farm knows how to combine new technologies, innovation, tradition and expertise through several years of experience. A specialized research team works full time at the farm in collaboration with many organizations (Universities, research centers, private companies)

Products offered by the farm meet the highest quality and taste standards. Their colour, texture and taste are delightful!

Onésime Pouliot farm is one of the shareholders of Petits Fruits Orléans, one of the largest group of producers acting in the strawberry market in Canada.

Our desire to innovate, to get knowledge and to be on the edge of the berries cultivation pushes the research team of Onésime Pouliot Farm to attend conferences in the country and abroad. Each year, we go to the United States to perfect our knowledge. We also take part to some overseas congresses like those in Mexico (February 2010), in Holland (January 2013, 2014, 2015) and in Australia (August 2014). These events allow us to optimize our berry production in a perspective of sustainable development through learning and sharing new farming techniques. Also, these congresses allow us to know new varieties and meet people from the industry who come from all over the world.

Onésime Pouliot Farm is certificated Savoir-faire Île d’Orléans for the origin and quality of its products and its expertise.

The Farm succeeds every year the CanadaGAP inspection which certifies that the program requirement for hygiene conditions, food safety, cropping techniques and food handling is adequate.

With its expertise, Onésime Pouliot Farm is involved in several organizations of its sector.

  • Association des producteurs de fraises et framboises du Québec (APFFQ)
  • Réseau de lutte intégrée Orléans (RLIO)
  • Club agroenvironnemental de la Rive-Nord (CARN)
  • Association des producteurs maraîchers du Québec (APMQ)
  • Association québécoise de distribution de fruits et légumes (AQDFL)